Schwieterman Pharmacies' Monthly Med Sync

Take the Daily Hassle Out of Taking Medicine

Schwieterman Pharmacies' Monthly Med Sync is easy to get started, and has no cost to enroll.  You can refill all of your medications on the same day each month and Monthly Med Sync is available to individuals or people in assisted living as well.

How Monthly Med Sync Works:

  • Together we will choose a "sync date" that is most convenient for you to refill your medication(s).
  • We will fax your physician(s) to let them know about your enrollment into our medication synchronization program (Med Sync).
  • We will dispense a short-fill for the quantity necessary to get you to your "sync-date".
  • You will receive an automated call a week prior to your "sync-date" to check in and see if you have had any changes in your prescriptions since your last refill.
  • We will contact your doctor when you are out of refills.
  • Once all of your medications are filled, you will get a call letting you know your prescritpions are ready for pick up.

Monthly Med Sync Simplifies Managing Medicines

Taking medication is difficult enough, not to mention the added confusion of when to order and pick up the prescriptions.  With Med Sync we can reduce confusion and possibly minimize medication errors - all at no cost to you.

Monthly Med Sync Plus Pack - When you Need Extra Help

Monthly Med Sync Plus Pack is a medication packaging service to help patients with complex medication regimens who have difficulty remembering when to take their medications and struggle to handle their pills every day.  It is also beneficial for those who do not have someone to help fill their pill box each week.

Our Monthly Med Sync packaging divides the patient's doses into morning, noon, evening, and bedtime.  For a small fee, we fill the packs with the medications and the time of day they should be taken.  Ask your pharmacist for more information.


Let us help take some stress out of your life.

If you do not currently fill your medications at Schwieterman Pharmacies, simply give us a call or bring all of your prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements in to one of our locations near you.  We will take care of getting your prescriptions transferred to our pharmacy.  If you are out of refills, we will contact your doctor for a new prescription.