We know that your pet is an important member of your family. Every year, you celebrate its

birthday, purchase him or her holiday gifts, and maybe even outfit your pet in the latest “fashion”. So when your pet is ill, you want top notch quality veterinary care.

It’s often difficult to get pets to swallow pills or other medications and the daily struggle begins. Anyone who has ever tried to bury a pill into a pet’s food knows that Rover or Kitty may not be the best patient. Compounding offers an ideal solution for administering pet medication. We compound a wide variety of medications in flavorful, easily dosed drug forms that will have your pets begging for more. 

Schwieterman Pharmacy and Compounding Center can work with you and your pet’s veterinarian to help solve unique medication needs. We offer a variety of dosage forms including flavored suspensions, chewable medicated “treats”, and drug delivery through the skin. We take pride in the quality of our compounded products not just for humans but their pets too!