Scar and stretch mark therapy

One of the main components of normal skin is collagen protein. Scar tissue is made from the same types of protein, however the composition of those proteins causes a different appearance. Often the scar has a raised appearance, the skin texture is smoother, and does not contain sweat glands or hair follicles. These factors can lead to continuous skin irritation. A treatment regimen that begins as the scar is forming and continues for many months is the best method for reducing scar tissue. 

Our compounded scar formulations are an ideal choice for use on all types of scar tissue, including new scars, old scars, surgical scars, keloids, and stretch marks. We use a proprietary base infused with unique ingredients and manufactured with advanced technology giving it potential healing and soothing power, emolliency and mild penetration. When combined with active pharmaceutical ingredients this base helps increase natural skin renewal and resurfacing. 

Stop by to see the remarkable before and after photos ... including improvement in the appearance of stretch marks.